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Design Fees & Designer Discounts

Our design fees and discounts are based on an assessment of your project scope, which is established through our initial consultation and your completed questionnaire.  Based on this assessment, we outline our fees in a Design Agreement that is signed before work begins.

Full Service:  Fees for Full Service design are comprised primarily of our shared designer discounts on purchases made on your behalf.  Because Hue Interiors typically receives discounts of 20% to 50% on furniture, finishes, artwork and accessories, we pass along to clients a share of these substantial savings, allowing you to enjoy high end design services while also receiving a significant discount compared with retail pricing.  Total discounts will vary based on a range of factors, including overall project size and products and vendors selected.  We also ask for an up front retainer fee to cover initial design expenses.  This fee, which is dependent on total project size, is credited back on final invoicing.

Selected Services:  Fees for selected services, including color consulting, space planning, initial design ideas and other services that do not include discounted product purchases, are typically charged hourly and subject to an initial minimum of either $400 for 4 hours or $650 for 7 hours.  Additional design hours, if needed, are charged at a rate of $85 per hour.  All services are outlined in the initial Design Agreement or in modifications to the Agreement, as needed.