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Andrea Bixler

Principal Designer



It all started when...

Andrea has pursued an interest in interior design since her high school days; taking her first drafting class convinced her to follow the path of creating, whether it was jewelry, art, or beautiful and comfortable spaces.  Her dedication to good design led her to graduate with an interior design degree from Ohio University.  She then joined a large interior architectural firm where she gained a strong foundation and love for commercial design, focusing on healthcare facilities and office spaces.  Eager to further her experience, she later joined the corporate headquarters of Sherwin-Williams in their national Color & Design Marketing Group, where she provided color consulting, color marketing and commercial interior design services for customers across the country.


After having a family, her love of design and commitment to creating led her to explore the world of residential design.  Creating fabulous and functional primary residences and vacation homes for clients in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, Oregon, and California enabled her to enjoy her children while satisfying clients’ needs and aspirations.

Andrea works closely with families to create spaces that reflect their personalities and desires, providing a sophisticated yet relaxed solution for demanding lifestyles.  Her interiors possess a timeless quality that highlight architectural details, maintaining an emphasis on a simplistic aesthetic, using her keen sense of color to create harmony and balance.  She carefully merges classic and contemporary lines with an understanding of scale and proportion and a play on textiles and textures.

Andrea’s goal in every project is to bring a wealth of design knowledge by showing clients what is possible and carefully taking them out of their comfort zone.  Once trust is established, the spaces truly design themselves; that confidence is the key to successful design.